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 Business of pigeon spikes, bird proofing, bird problems and it's control is fast changing worldwide and increasing becoming environmentally friendly at the same time cost effective. We at 
Organic Bird Netting Service are deeply committed to provide solutions which are permanent, latest and economical. 

Bird Spike is a device consisting of long needle like rods. They are made of either PVC or pure Stainless steel. Bird spikes are very effective mechanism to deter pigeons and other birds from perching on commercial buildings, factories, railings, building ledges etc. 

Bird control deterrent spikes are normally around 1 foot (30 cm) long, and work by reducing the area available for birds to land on. This forces larger varieties of birds, such as seagulls, pigeons, and crows to land elsewhere.

Bird spikes are glued to the affected surfaces with powerful state of the art adhesives and also by stainless steel screws to doubly ensure that the solution is long term. Spikes act as deterrents and make it impossible for birds to sit on the installed surface. As the birds do not come into contact with the spikes, the birds get stabbed slightly and usually unharmed. Hence it causes not harm to the birds and as birds have good memory they don’t come perch on places where spikes have been installed. 

These products have a long life. They are known for their good quality, flexibility and long service life.We have a wide range of bird spikes in various shape and sizes. They can be successfully installed on various locations like Ledges, Parapets, Railings, Beams, Air conditioners, Lighting Equipments, Awnings, Bridges, Coping, Chimneys, Ledges, Rails, Shed Structure, Columns, Window Sills, Sign Boards, Weather Sheds, Porch and any other area where birds tend to roost and nest.

Long Lasting: Bird Spikes that is in Plastic and stainless steel material , which are unbreakable and durable. Hence, once installed, it is always a long term ‘fit-and-forget’ solution. 

Maintenance free: These spikes require no regular cleaning or maintenance and they are rust and corrosion proof. 

No harm to the birds: The birds are not harmed in any way as these spikes only prevent them from perching near the windows and other spaces, and not trap them.

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